Monday, June 21, 2010

Its about exploring

Kevin came to the trip today with this in mind "Its not about speed or distance, its about exploring". I quite like this quote.
This was his first time paddling to the southern islands and he was quite excited about it. We actually started off about 1hr late but it was to be a day of leisure paddling, so it didnt really matter.
From Labrador park, with kayaks rented from Kayakasia. We paddled along Sentosa, passing by Siloso beach till we reached the Sentosa Beacon near what I think is Sentosa Cove.
From here, we crossed over to Pulau Tekukor. Paddling along the left of Pulau Tekukor, we beached up at St. John's Island for lunch.

Ziyang with the beacon

St. John's Island

Starfish on St. John's

After lunch we decided to take a short cut and went under the bridge between Pulau Seringat and St. John's Island. After paddling around a corner, we went to Kusu Island and beached up for a while to let Kevin explore. Unfortunately, he got stung by something while swimming in the lagoon.
The aftermath

We were supposed to carry on to Sisters' Island, but my shoulder was hurting and I starting showing symptoms of a runny nose which made paddling really uncomfortable. We then decided to cut the trip short and headed back instead. Still, we managed to cover a reasonable distance of 18km and enjoyed some good surfing between Seringat and Kusu.

My body is screwed up, but it was still a good day.

As usual, more pics can be found on my facebook album


Anonymous said...

For me, kayaking is also about exploring, so I like that quote, too. On the other hand, I'm an obsessive-compulsive, goal-driven freak about exploration and usually have make it in to some kind of grueling endurance test. Stupid, but true. Anyway, kudos to you guys for enjoying a leisurely paddle. Bummer about getting stung, and all. I'll look at the FB pictures now.

Wanderlust said...

Well, its always good to have goals :)

Varun said...


I stumbled upon your blog while googling to find the distance of a round-ubin trip. (Why I was googling that - I just came back from doing just that. Why I ended up on your site - I have no idea!)

I really like your blog :)


Wanderlust said...

Thanks Varun.

I was fooling around at the southern side of Ubin today. Only spotted some kayak fishermen.

Did you happen to paddle with Wai Meng? I met him on the bus on my way home and he told me he went round Ubin.