Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kayak Camping

Finally have something postworthy to write about after a month! I just came back from a wonderful kayak camping trip with 11 other paddlers.

Labrador Park

We set off from Labrador Park most using kayaks provided by Kayak Asia. Cher Huey was at Labrador Park on Saturday morning, but I didnt recognise him at first! Its the first time I've seen him out of the water.

Feathercrafts on Sisters Island

We paddled to Sisters Island and stayed the night. Great paddling with lots of waves to surf and the emerald green water was just beautiful.. Simply awesome. The kayak handled well and I was confident enough not to put on the spray cover while paddle for both days. Some water did enter the kayak, but it was minimal and I didnt think it affected much.
This trip also tested my kayak in the surfing department. Im glad to say it passed! I was happily surfing along during both days, reaching some incredible speeds. Although the creaking sounds didnt really help to boost my confidence at first.
The safety aspect could have been better, but Im assuming it was the organiser's first time leading a trip in these waters.
I definitely need to organise my own private trips to Sisters Island with friends in the future.

Feel free to view the rest of the pictures in my Facebook album

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