Sunday, May 10, 2009

Round Ubin again and again!

Coney Island in the background

Paddled round ubin twice over this weekend after having been out of the water for more than a month! The last time I even touched a kayak was on 5th April...
On Saturday, I brought Seh Suan and KC who had just passed their 2 star course last weekend. They managed to survive the trip but took 5 hours to complete the whole distance.

Seh Suan posing

House No.1 near Chek Jawa

Today, I went with Huanda and Zi Yang who are better paddlers. It was also their first time though.
A total of 4.5hrs was spent to complete the journey but that included a 1 hour lunch break at a seafood restaurant on Ubin. Doubt Huanda will go on a round Ubin trip anytime soon though. Haha!

Now I've got some muscle aches. Better stretch again before I sleep tonight or I'll wake up or sore tmr!

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