Friday, October 10, 2008

A Chance Meeting

It was a hot, tiring day. The sun was blazing as I did my usual route around Kallang. Experimented a little by go hard and fast in the beginning which turned out to be a bad idea. Was super tired by the time I finished.

Decided to roll to cool off. Unfortunately, it was so hot, the water was warm!!! Rolling didn't really help me cool off much. While I was rolling, I noticed 2 surf skis in the water. They turned out to be Kayakasia's Cher Huey and a friend. Had a quick chat but didn't join him because I didn't want to be stuck in traffic for 20min like on Wednesday. I so need to start commuting by bicycle so these sort of things don't happen!

He's going paddling in Laos during the last week of November, but alas, thats my exam period ):

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