Saturday, June 7, 2008

Crummy Weather

Was supposed to paddle round Ubin today but there were delays due to the foul weather. This led us to change the plan and we paddled through the mangrove swamp instead.

Found this toy floating in the water...
Rest of the pics are here

Quite pissed with the staff at the club though.
For a simple 3hr paddle round Ubin, the expedition leader must show a expedition plan and brief the club manager and the club manager must give a briefing to the participants.
I was planning to paddle at Pasir Ris more often and so wanted to leave my PFD in their trainer's room. But the CM say cannot! Huh? I not trainer meh? Only can put overnight?
Also, got reprimanded by Bernard for allowing one of the paddlers to do a solo emptying of the kayak by placing the bow on the beach while lifting the stern. I told him it was perfectly fine but he insists that it isnt. In the end, I just told him I would not accept anything w/o any justification so I'll check first. If I'm wrong I'll apologise and begin advocating his recommendation of not allow paddlers to empty the kayak with one end on the beach.

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