Friday, April 25, 2008

Polar Opposites

Had my second session with the Hua Yi group yesterday. Stanley was replaced by Bernard.
It was interesting to see the 2 extremes in coaching techniques. On one hand, Bernard was like an army CSM shouting commands while uncle Lau was just sitting around pretty much letting the kids run amok.

Uncle Lau speaks very slowly and calmly while Bernard rattles off like a machine gun. Could see uncle Lau was annoyed by him.

I still need to work on being calm and controlled. Find myself speaking too fast when I get nervous. After coaching more than 20 sessions I am still having this problem, will really need to work on this.
In the end, I need to be less anti-social and more compassionate at the same time. Gaining more confidence would be a good thing both for real life situations and in coaching.

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