Sunday, March 16, 2008


My homemade tow line was put to the test during its first day out on the water.
The rig I set up is a simple one made with:
  1. Diving weight belt
  2. Nylon pouch from Beach Rd
  3. 7.5m of 5mm utility cord
  4. Aluminum carabiner
  5. 1 army small rubberband
  6. 6 inch fishing net float
Everything was bought from the Beach Rd area with a total cost of below $10.

Some might notice that the list above does not include a bungee cord for shock absorbing. I did buy a length of heavy duty bungee cord (the NS men will refer to it as "bicycle hook"). But I did not attach it.
I did not feel any significant jerking force on the 2 occasions that required me to use the towline.
The first was when I had a swimmer holding on to my bow while i towed a fully swamped kayak, on the second occasion I towed 2 fiberglass slaloms with the paddlers still inside. They were 2 small sized girls, with a combined weight of approximately 70kg. No jerking was felt on both occasions.
So I reckon my towline can be used to tow a paddler of 70kg in a fiberglass slalom.

The only thing left for me to do is sew on some D-rings at the side of the belt to hang my carabiner. This would allow me to reach for it easily when I need to tow.

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